White Sky Shaved Ice

This picture has been circulating through social media today thanks to Formosa Vintage Museum Cafe. I want to post it on my blog as it was taken in a corner of Wanhua (萬華). The picture dates to 1960, so if the seller is still around, he's in his early sixties. He's selling beef jerky (that's what he's holding), Snow White Bubble Gum and some kind of product with a maple leaf (next to the Snow White).

In the background, the signage moving from the left is 天白菓冰 (White Sky Shaved Ice) or 先白菓冰 (Mr. Shaved Ice), a popular summertime dessert here in Taiwan. I am not sure because the first character is slightly cut and either name would have been catchy. Next up is a shoe store followed by a tailor. Two signs in English. Hmm. The horizontal sign on the right is more difficult; I need to think about it or ask someone. It seems a service is being provided.

I googled Snow White Bubble Gum and came up with this: http://goo.gl/tHWvPb . I haven't seen Snow White Bubble Gum, which was "healthful" and "delicious," before. I wonder if the company that produced this treat is still in business. If they are, they probably heard from Disney's lawyers years ago.


EyeDoc said...

Indeed a vintage photo. It seems to me, from left to right, 白光冰果 (named after 白光, a popular movie actress at that time), 小花園鞋莊 (Little Garden Shoes), and 皇家西服 (Royal Western Clothing). Beef jerky came in cellophan bags also seen on the tray: 香港牛肉. No one seems to remember who manufactured the ubiquitous Snow White Bubble Gum, maybe 義美? The picture card that came in each box is a collector's item now. On the right front maybe children's magazines, 學友 and 東方少年.

English was taught starting in junior high school, not an unknown language, BTW.

anniemaria192 said...

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