Restaurant Atop Incinerator

I had meant to have a meal in Beitou's (北投的) Star-plucking Restaurant for ages. The Star-plucking Restaurant, which opened thirteen years ago, appealed to me for a couple of reasons. First off, the view of Taipei promised magnificence. Nestled 120 meters in the sky, amongst the stars, the restaurant is based on a revolving concept. The Star-plucker does a complete revolution every ninety minutes. It is also built atop a garbage incinerator, which is amusing. Last Monday, my wife, daughter and self decided to give the place a try. We weren't disappointed. Although the food was on the pricey side, we figured it was tasty and we didn't leave feeling hungry. My wife had the chicken. I opted for sliced pork and pickles.

The best way to go is either by vehicle or MRT. If you do the latter, get off at Qilian Station out Beitou (北投) way and walk west for about fifteen minutes. That simply entails turning left and going straight. As the restaurant sits up in the sky, it's an easy point to gauge. 

I took this photo from the Star-plucking Restaurant after lunch. The nearer river is the Keelung whilst the one a little further off is the Tamsui. They will merge in about 100 meters, to flow out into the Taiwan Strait. 

There's a nice river walk behind the incinerator. It winds around for a while before letting out on a broken down and weedy path. You will have to talk to the locals to figure it out from this point on; or, you can simply walk back to the incinerator.

This was the gate to a private plantation. Not a lot in terms of cultivation going on inside, but it was still nice and green. The route is scenic to say the least.


Jay Cowsill said...

I can't read the Chinese characters, but the idea that you can pluck stars from up there is at least as amusing as the restaurant's sitting on a garbage incinerator.

steve said...

We have looked at this incinerator and restaurant for years but never have the opportunity to visit it. our family who live in Bei Tou have always said its got good food but were scared to eat there.

Glad you had decent time. I will have to share your post with them.

Juan said...

This is crazy! How could anyone think this is a good idea!!!
Not only do they build this giant trash ovens all over the country, but they try to sell them as an eco-friendly waste disposal? Ludicrous! AND THEN they charge good money for eating on top of this toxic trash-dump!!!???
People, please!!!!
Come to your senses!!!!