Anne Wheeler -- A War Story

I received this email from Anne Wheeler. She's the daughter of Ben Wheeler, a Canadian doctor who was held at Kinkeseki (金瓜石), Taiwan during the Second World War. She is also a documentary film-maker:

"Hi Patrick. A War Story is a documentary film available for free on the National Film Board of Canada website. It is about my father and the men he was interned with during WW2. You might want to put it on your site so that others may watch the film -- which features Jack Edwards. Thank you for your interest and work regarding the history of your island."

Here's Anne Wheeler's link to A War Story: http://www.nfb.ca/film/war_story


I've posted many times about POWs interned here in Taiwan. I will give a quick rundown as I feel the topic is important:

3. And on Jack Edwards: http://goo.gl/xoBli

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Patrick Cowsill said...

A friend has had trouble getting it for free. I have contacted Anne about this.