Racist T-Shirts? I Still Don't Get It

Carlo (right) put this collage up on Facebook. On the left, Shane is pointing at a T-shirt for sale in a Taipei market. The Chinese on the T-shirt reads "White people can't understand this." Meanwhile, Carlo is holding a shirt that reads "Black people also can't get this." 

Obviously both Carlo and Shane can read the T-shirts, or they wouldn't have taken the pictures (Shane is just pretending to be perplexed, that is all). Why anyone would assume another person couldn't do something based on the color of their skin isn't funny, like I'm guessing the T-shirts are supposed to be. There must be a market for these shirts though, or they wouldn't be on sale. 


Anonymous said...

You don't get it, because you're a boring guy with no sense of humor. And you probably can't do this as well.

Patrick Cowsill said...

Sam, you're kind of turning into my whipping boy. You're too easy; people are going to start calling me a bully if I keep handing you your ass. Why don't you go and get some more "true and historical facts?"

You have become like Ah-Q from the popular Chinese short story, never giving up even though you lose ground again and again. You adjust to your shrinking circle and find a way to call yourself King even though the rest of the world is laughing at you.

So, be off with you, Sam. Go fetch a bone now.

Anonymous said...

Don't call me a dog! I am from the greatest people of history. You are a dog, a mongrel. It's a fact that anyone in the West is not pure blood. Who are you to look down on China. And that is a ture and historical fact too!

Patrick Cowsill said...

Sam, I don't censor here, but I might be forced to change the rules on account of you. It seems you have nothing intelligent, or even sane, to add to any of the conversations you insist upon intruding into. You don't even have the decency to edit your foaming-at-the-mouth rants for spelling.

To tell you the truth, I am uncomfortable with your incessant trolling into our topics. Tone it down, pal, and start applying a few brain cells, or I'll probably have to scrub your B.S. off my boards. Call it censorship if you will, but I won't see it as anything more than the spam I normally block here. You are probably giving everyone a headache with your bombast. Simply put, I don't want you driving off my readers, who are normal and not nuts, with it.

James said...

There is a market: mainly foreigners I (and Shane) reckon. Carlo bought one. I might too. I know you won't approve.

I'm in no wise a fan of this borderline eugenicist cretin 'Sam' (I'm actually wondering whether that last post was just a joke as it is so ridiculous it's hard to imagine it could be serious. The rudiments of secondary school biology should be enough to expose the comments about 'blood' as very very silly - but I suppose some of these idiocies are reinforced by nonsensical terms like 混血兒. You do realise 'mixed-blood' is scientifically meaningless, right? I think race is what you - if indeed you mean anything.)

And I think these T-shirts are out of order on the basic arrogant and misguided 'let's sneer at the foreigners' level.

But there is a definite amusement value in - as Carlo said - the ridiculousness of it all. On that level, I do think you come across here as a little too serious.

Have a go at this stupidity, by all means, but why not fight it on its own terms, with the ridicule it merits? I think it's prime satire/irony material. Lunchtime: I'm off to Shilin to grab one and get some food ... if I make out what's on the menu. ;)

Don't ban the pranny, btw! Your previous carpetbagger dismissal had me chortling away the other morning. Let him continue to make a a comple prick out of himself.

Patrick Cowsill said...

"But there is a definite amusement value in - as Carlo said - the ridiculousness of it all. On that level, I do think you come across here as a little too serious."

I tried to keep in tongue-in-cheek. Have another look.

"Let him continue to make a a comple prick out of himself."

That is the reason I don't censor morons. On the other hand, I delete span, ad links, etc.

Patrick Cowsill said...

If you guys wear the T-shirts, that is funny. You guys will be making a statement. "Turely." Which one will you get for yourself, James? The one about white guys or the one about black guys?

BTW, of course there is a market. That's why they're on sale.

Patrick Cowsill said...

And I think I know what is going on here. "But there is a definite amusement value in - as Carlo said - the ridiculousness of it all. On that level..."

You'll defer to Carlo on this issue. If Carlo had said it wasn't ridiculous, I doubt you'd be on your way to buying the T-shirt.

Patrick Cowsill said...

I was just informed that both axioms are contained on the T-shirt (front and back). Yeah. I knew that. Momentary brain fart. So, just wear it backwards, with a coat, James. That should do the trick.

James said...

You knew that? Pretty strange that you made that same comment twice. I certainly knew that. I asked Carlo during one of the intermittent pauses for air I took while sucking his balls.

MJ Klein said...

what about a shirt that says "yellow people can't drive"

wonder what kind of ruckus that would cause in Taiwan.

Patrick Cowsill said...

I don't mean it in a sexual way and you know that.

@MJ What? You think people would get annoyed? It isn't just funny? Don't be so serious? Actually, I agree. Shit would suddenly hit fan. Apple Daily would be all over it.

Tony Lin said...

I thought it was a joke on all the Chinese character tattoos Caucasians (Americans, British, etc) get that don't make sense to native Chinese speakers. Similar to the humor Americans have at Engrish.

My $0.02