Global Primary in Taiwan

I received this information on the upcoming global primary in Taiwan from John Eastwood. I told him I would put it up. Here's what he told me (I will attach some of the points he brought up below, in italics):

Democrats Abroad's global primary is going to be May 1 at Carnegie's, a chance to cast your vote for the delegates from the Asian Pacific region to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September 2012. There are going to be voting centers around the world from May 1 to May 6. DA Taiwan's is going to be held on May 1, from noon until ten o'clock pm. If you cannot make it, you can request an absentee ballot from vote2012@democratsabroad.org up until April 30.

Democrats Abroad is treated like a 51st state within the Democratic Party, which means that we get to send delegates to the Democratic National Convention. It also means that we have eight seats on the Democratic National Committee (the "DNC" that's chaired by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz). Participation in these routes is a key way by which we can push for legal/policy issues that affect Americans living overseas -- foreign income exclusion, healthcare coverage, bringing spouses/kids with foreign passports home to America, voter rights, etc.
In 2008, Democrats Abroad got to hold its first ever global primary, and in 2012 we're doing it again -- just like a state party. However, our ballots are pretty simple this time around because there is only one Democratic presidential candidate on our ballot. What we're really voting on is the Asia-Pacific delegates who get to attend the Democratic National Convention -- the people who live out here who we'll be able to put right on the floor there. People who can help advocate for Americans living overseas, etc.
Voting in the global primary is open to all members of the Democrats Abroad -- U.S. citizens who will be 18 or over as of the November elections who did not already vote in their home state's presidential primary. The benefits are as follows: 
a.) You get to participate in choosing who goes for us to Charlotte. You'll have a chance to review the candidate statements. In other words, you will have a voice in who speaks for us on the Asia-Pacific.
b.) If all of the Asia-Pacific has a good turnout in the global primary, then that will affect the number of people the Asia Pacific gets to send. If we do badly, then might get only one out of the eleven regionally elected delegate slots -- if we do great, we might get three or four.
c.) If DA Taiwan has a good turnout, that also affects our voting rights for choosing the additional delegates to be elected at the May 19-20, 2012 Global Convention in PV, Mexico.

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