First Time Swimming

I took my little daughter swimming for the first time, at a wave pool down south in Taiwan. At first, she didn't like it at all; she shivered and said "hug hug". My wife got this floating car, so she said: "Duck!" She also point into the water and say "Fish!" in Chinese.

After that, she was crazy about the water. We would take her out to get a rest from the sun, and she pick up the duck and head back to the water. The swimming cap was mandatory. She threw her's in the sand.


MJ Klein said...

cute story, Patrick.

man those bathing caps are one of the few "for appearances only" things that i dislike about Taiwan. you'll go to a pool and see some dude sitting on the edge, bathing cap, prescription swimming goggles, nose clip, ear plugs, and he can't even effing swim.

when i go to spas i usually let it fall off and i feign ignorance of the fact.

you were missed on Saturday. take care.

Patrick Cowsill said...

Ignorance is underrated. It is not just bliss but also helpful. I wanted to come Saturday - only had family obligations. I'm looking forward to next one. I am sure it was an interesting affair.