Who Gives These Assholes Licenses?

We were riding on a biking trail down by the Danshui River when this rumbling old taxi turned and then pulled out right in front of us! It's illegal to drive on hiking and biking trails in Taiwan, so I grabbed my cell phone from my shorts' pocket with my free hand to take a picture.

My first comment was: "Is he lost?" Actually, this route is far from any street and quite tricky to get to by car, which suggests to me that he knows his way around, meaning he's done this lots of times. The driver had to drive on a series of trails to get to this one closer to the river.

My friend Ben said: "Nah, he's probably dropping someone off." In retrospect, I imagine he was headed down to the river's banks to do some Sunday morning fishing. I should've gotten a bit closer to get the license plate number.


George said...

I want to admit that you are a wonderful photographer after seeing some pictures you took and posted. According to what you wrote about these assholes taxi drivers, I'd frankly like to give you a suggestion that you send those data including the photo to Taipei Police Department (TPD) for their reference when they are planning to take measure to attack the illegal. Perhaps, you might be rewarded by TPD for the help.

Patrick Cowsill said...

I noticed a cop the other day pull into the police station by my house on one of those cool BMW cop bikes. There was a little kid strapped on the back of his bike. The kid didn't have a helmet on. It makes me think that the taxi driver probably has fishing buddies in the police station.

Anonymous said...

I saw a police officer weaving through pedestrians at a high speed. It was in the night market. I wanted to make a citizen's arrest but was unsure of the protocol. Does anyone know anything about this? Do they do this in Taiwan?