Danshui, Taiwan 淡水

Patrick, Eric and Ben at Danshui, Taiwan. Behind us, it looks a little like Thailand.


George said...

From the picture with you 3 guys posted, I've found something wrong. Eric wore his helmet on the head, Ben took off but holding by his hand. How about yours? It could be dangerous to ride without any helmet, especially car accident happened. I really don't know if you treat yourself the same situation when riding in America. But as a fatherhood you are now, you should take much care.
By the way, do you know who are living in the cabinets on water, which were used as the background in the picture? Believe or not, they are all retired soldiers. They also know that building residential houses on water is illegal, but they are too poor to buy or rent any house. I got those info from TV news report. Any comments?

Patrick Cowsill said...

I'm busted.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Chapter II. Rights and Duties of the People, Article 22: "All other freedoms and rights of the people that are not detrimental to social order or public welfare shall be guaranteed under the Constitution." How is my not wearing a helmet hurting anyone?

Thanks for the articles on the retired soldiers living in the houses shown in the background of the photo (on stilts). I'll translate them later and put them up on my blog.