My Lousy Googling Skills

I've been noticing recently that I am not a very good googler. For example, the guy behind me in the office can locate any topic in five seconds flat. Me? I'll start out looking for how many homers Griffey hit in 1991 and end up at pics of apples and bananas in the Pike Street Market.

Anyway, I heard on ICRT (kind of - I was half asleep) that there were some problems with the bags of rice that Taiwan just donated to Haiti. When the Haitians opened them up, much of rice was moldy. Other bags had jelatin instead of rice, even though they were stamped "rice - inspected". Taiwan's gov., which is pretty pissed, traced the jelatin back to the supplier, who blamed it on "the many foreign laborers" he had "working in his plant". Can you imagine how saavy these "foreign laborers" must be, to be able to bribe local officials? I wonder what they did with the good rice?

I tried to google the story, but alas, was unsuccessful. I couldn't even find it in the Taipei Times. My search words were "Taiwan tainted bad rice Haiti". I did come up with this great link on lousy production standards in China:


It seems that one in five products produced in China are sub-standard (although officials in Beijing are saying this is American propoganda - it's a plot to discredit China to protect its own market, and because the US is ashamed about the trade deficit, you see).


George said...

It has been a long time (for almost 20 days from 4. July ) since you added "My Lousy Googling Skills" on the blog. There are no more new infor. What's going on? Are you so busy with work?

Patrick Cowsill said...

I haven't had time to blog recently. Too much work. One of my friends said my blog was too negative, that I complain too much. I hope people will complain to get things changed. Isn't that positive then?