Eighty Five Thousand Dollar Calculator

I don't have much to say. Fatherhood has temporarily taken away my bark and my bite. In the meantime, my Taiwanese friend Jennifer has broken down and bought an NT$85,000 calculator. The reason it costs so much is that it is plastered full of Swarovski crystals. Plus, you can't get one in Taiwan - you need to go to Italy to pick one up.

For NT$85,000, I could spend a summer in Greece.


George said...

It is nice to read your new article. After reading it, I have special feeling (questions) in my mind. Actually, those came up with and asked myself so often. That is why people easily spend a lot of money just to buy something which is not necessity for their life, but only a tool. I definitely make sure that your Taiwanese friend Jennifer must be crazed about shopping something, or quite rich. Do you have any comments ?

花枝 said...

Here ya go,


Never use the search option on the Taipei Times. Always use google sitesearch instead (type site:http://taipeitimes.com/ followed by search words). doing a google site search for "haiti, rice, taiwan" would give you the right article.

Of course, since I wrote it it was easy for me to find...

MJ Klein said...

its not even programmable.... i wonder how long before the knockoffs appear?

Patrick Cowsill said...

Jennifer says that she will use the calculator to count her money. She thinks that if you spend a lot on a money counter, then you'll be counting a lot on it.

If she doesn't have any money someday (she has lots now), then she'll pretend to count it. That will also bring it in a kind of sympathetic magic.

MJ Klein said...

that actually makes a sort of Taiwanese sense....

i have an HP 15C that i bought in 1988. i am on the 3rd set of batteries. that thing is amazing.

i showed it to some students and they just couldn't grasp the concept of RPN. i can't use a standard calculator anymore.

Patrick Cowsill said...

花枝 :

I can't pull up the address you left. Thanks anyway. I'll figure it based on your prompt hints,

Anonymous said...

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