What Has Happened to Pots' English Section?

My wife Shufang was reading Pots', Taiwan's informative and free newspaper covering Taiwan's art scene and other stuff as well. This months' issue has some interesting articles, such as the one on how Coca Cola is using up a lot of India's water during this year's drought. According to the journalist, Coke is also foisting off Coke waste (imagine that) on farmers to use as fertilizer. It seems they don't have anywhere else to dump it. The article provides some amusing posters made by protesters/boy cotters on American campuses with slogans such as "Coke Float: Unthinkable! Undrinkable!" or "Coke Kills Trade Unionists" and "Getting Away with Murder: Killer Cola." After describing the contents to me (I was doing homework and only half-listening), she astonished me by saying:
"It's too bad Pot's doesn't publish any English articles. It's such an interesting paper."
Of course I rebutted: "They do. Just check the middle section." After having a look, however, I discovered she was right. The English section is no longer there. Whatever happened to Pot's English section? If it's gone for good, that's sad.


rafe said...

POTS lost funding for its English Section about a year ago...something to do with a University that was funding it and then decided not to.
I think it still has English online, but the paper is sadly missed,

Patrick said...

Rafe, I agree with you. There are a lot of guys out there like yourself who understand the art scene from the inside too. It makes it doubly sad to see something like this go down the tubes.

Patrick said...

By the way, I heard that one of their writers was deported after coming out on the losing side of traffic dispute. He was hit by a car late in 2005 and suffered some head damage. The cops filled out a report at the time but nothing came of it. About half a year later, he took a trip to Thailand. When he tried to come back into Taiwan, he was barred entrance at the airport. The way I heard it, the customs' official said he was to blame, etc. and something about bad conduct record as a visitor to Taiwan. So he got on a plane and went back to Chaingmai.