Chi Yeh (七爺)

A local deity who was a general in His mortal life: as a god, Chi Yeh has the responsibility of rounding up ghosts who were criminals before dying, judging them and then sentencing them to something unpleasant in the upcoming life. People in the Wanhua (萬華) neighborhood believe that we should kneel down if we happen upon a parade like this in order to ensure peace and good luck. Chi Yeh (七爺) is tall and skinny. His counterpart Ba Yeh (八爺) is short and squat.


Shufang said...

Who will judge them? Actually it is Chen Huang Yeh 城隍爺 these criminals Chi Yeh and Ba Yeh will arrest. He is the main leader or god. Chi Yeh is just working with Chen.

Patr said...
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