Movie Night at the Museum

Chris is showing Marathon Man, starring Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier, Roy Schneider, this Thursday (Jan. 15) at the museum: http://goo.gl/dnM2lU   I've been attending these screenings regularly because he keeps coming up with interesting viewing choices. I like sitting in the big gallery among all those paintings and watching a movie on the big screen. Plus it's free.

We've already seen Klute, Wild Strawberries, Magnolias and Badlands among others. I'll put a link up to Jeremy Olivier's (who is by coincidence a distant relative of Laurence Olivier) write up of Badlands, which he did after that showing. Jeremy's piece speaks to the idea that something good is coming out of the movie nights -- they are not just an excuse to drink. On that note, Chris will have NT$100 sangrias and NT$300 corned beef and cabbage plates available. http://goo.gl/wgH4FF

Things will get under way at around 7:30.


She Is Feeling Nostalgic

An ad for Popeye pens. There isn't a date, but the Japanese writing probably places it from 1929 to 1945. The pens were availabe at Huashanting, an area just east of the Taipei Train Station. This is the first time I have heard the "ting" / 町 stuck on the end with this specific area. It is pretty normal to do this with Ximenting (西門町) however. I am also guessing the 樺 is the old spelling for 華. The name change would have occurred some time after the KMT invasion (late 1940s), when those clowns were running around trying to sinicize the island.