The Scubar Opens Shop in Fulong, Taiwan

My friend Nigel is opening a restaurant / scuba diving shop in Fulong (福隆) this coming weekend. Festivities will get under way at noon, March 15. There is more information at his Facebook page: http://goo.gl/Yp5x0S

Besides being an obviously creative chef and qualified dive instructor, Nigel is also an engaging fellow. He has many stories to tell about his travels and is never short on anecdotes or advice.

I have written about Fulong before because I see it as one of the best beaches in Taiwan: http://goo.gl/awZ3nJ. The Scubar should only add to its charm.

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Unknown said...

Nigel offers fun diving trips for a fair prize. I really enjoyed the day with two dives near Fulong beach. Would go there again if I come back to Taiwan