Yes Ma'am: A Lot of Water under the Bridge

After watching my clip of Henry V:  http://patrick-cowsill.blogspot.tw/2012/04/blog-post.html, an old, old friend said I ought to put up more favored movie clips. He said he has watched Prince Hal giving those great old lines a half a dozen times since I brought it to his attention.

So, I think I will. Why not? This blog exists, as stated previously in the mandate, for the amusement of the blog author. In my opinion, this is the best movie ever made. "Leave him alone, Miss Elsa. You're bad luck to him." 


Anonymous said...

You should compare the acting of Ingrid Bergman in "The Yellow Rolls-Royce" 1964 movie.

Patrick Cowsill said...

That sounds like work. I'm probably just going to put up links now. But who knows? I might get inspired. Bergman is good though; my personal fav is "Wild Strawberries."

John Scott said...

Wild Strawberries is one of my favorites, too... even though Ingrid isn't in that one!

The actress that plays the daughter-in-law IS drop-dead gorgeous, though, isn't she?

Max Von Sydow has a small roll.

Patrick Cowsill said...

LOL, I've mixed up the Bergmans. The daughter is great. Von Sydow is a great actor too; he had bigger roles in other Bergman, the director that is, productions.

He was also terrific in "Pelle, the Conquerer," a Danish film based on a series of novels by the Danish writer Morten Andersen Nexo. There is a scene in the movie, if memory serves, of strawberries being planted, an obvious tip of the cap to Bergman's classic.

At that time (turn of twentieth century), Swedish peasants and workers, regularly made their way to Denmark to do work; this is one of the ideas of Nexo's novels. Thus, Von Sydow is appropriately cast.

John Scott said...

Max is apparently still working, which I am very glad to know. I haven't yet seen the recent movie with Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock (forget the title), but I saw Max in the trailer for that one. I liked him in "Hannah and her Sisters".

Besides Wild Strawberries, I can't say I am overly fond of Ingmar Bergman's work (and Swedish is my second language... so I HAVE tried!).

OK-- I did kind of like Fanny and Alexander.

The Swedish movies that I most often recommend are My Life as a Dog, Together and As it is in Heaven. And I think the three Dragon-Tattoo-Girl movies are quite well done.

I think some of my own favorite bits of movies might be from Floating Weeds, directed by Yasujiro Ozu (about 1958?). Some great scenes in that one.

Philip L said...

Currently, my favourite film is 'Algiers', released in 1938. I've viewed it half a dozen times over the past couple of years and I have to keep myself from viewing it again and again or else I wouldn't get anything else done lol! It's been said that this film influenced 'Casablanca' in a number of ways, including the title, some superficial plot elements and moody cinema photography. BTW, I like to tell people that this is the film where the line 'Take me to the Casbah' was NOT spoken!