New Building in the Neighborhood

This Tzu Chi (慈濟) hall has just gone up in my neighborhood, which is Wanhua (萬華). I think it's, well, to be frank, kind of unattractive. I asked some of the locals and they tend to agree. According to the boss at the breakfast shop I go to across the street from the hall, his customers sometimes say it looks like a prison. He on the other hand doesn't mind its drabness or stucco texture, the blending of browns and grays, etc. because he finds the mass soothing.

I was wondering if, looking at this building, the builders did not first have to submit plans to the city for approval. A friend says they probably do, but they're for rubber stamping. Several people have also told me not to worry about the new Tzu Chi (慈濟) hall because Tzu Chi is a charitable organization; they do a lot of good things for Taiwan.


Kaminoge said...

We have a similar-looking Tzu Chi building here in Fengyuan. I guess they have a template to follow.

Anonymous said...

Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous American architect says that the architecture is the ultimate art piece that human being can create. Since the building in question is architecture, a piece of art work created by an artist, the architect, we should treat it as a master piece though our opinion as viewers is subjective and different.

Patrick Cowsill said...

"we should treat it as a master piece though our opinion as viewers is subjective and different."

Well, it does get the peoples' attention.

Thoth Harris said...

@Kaminoge Yeah, but the ironic thing is that it is one of the most attractive buildings in Fengyuan.
That said, it's also way more attractive than your average building in Taipei, as well. That's not saying much.
BTW, while the Taipei 101 is interesting, it really is overrated. Why it's such an attraction is beyond me. People can't visit the top floor, and it costs and arm and a leg to visit the 87th floor or whatever floor it is that you visit for 500 dollars.
Much more impressive is the 86 building in Kaohsiung. Any day. Far more worth my dollar.

Patrick Cowsill said...

Cheers, Thoth. I'm actually going for the world record in Tweet photos on Taipei 101. I don't know about the comparison with Kaohsiung's highest, though I do appreciate that city. Taipei has some pretty spectacular sunsets, though I have been told the pollution amplifies the colors.

Thanks for checking in. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

They charge 3,000 yen = US$37.45 to go up the new Tokyo tower, Sky Tree.

Thoth Harris said...

@Anonymous Everything in Tokyo is expensive. Japan, though is deservedly a valuable tourist desination. It will be at least a century, if ever, before Taipei becomes that interesting. Think how many novels, both western and Asian has been set in Japan, particularly in Tokyo. Not to mention movies as well
I just finished 1Q84. Tokyo always stands out as a character in its own right, even to those of us who have never visited it.