Madou's (麻豆) Most Famous Restaurant

Madou's (麻豆) Most Famous Restaurant, originally uploaded by Patrick Cowsill.
Just off the Chungshan (中山) Freeway out of Tainan, you'll find Allen's Wa Gui (阿籣碗粿), a joint specializing in traditional dishes that is packed no matter what time of day you arrive. In Taiwan, crowded restaurants don't scare people away; in fact, they're often seen as a testament to the cooking. Favorites at Allen's Wa Gui include wa gui porridge and pig intestine soup. Allen's is also said to be a favorite of former Taiwan President, Chen Shui-bien, and his family. I have written about this popular restaurant, and Madou (麻豆), Taiwan before: http://patrick-cowsill.blogspot.com/2010/02/madou-taiwan-coming-home.html


Anonymous said...

I prefer Bub-Tan 麻豆文旦 over (麻豆)阿籣碗粿.

EyeDoc said...

I concur. Now 麻豆文旦 are available fresh - unlike the yellowish peels in the old days, now they are in a delicious green. The inside is still as sweet and juicy as before.