Getting Off the Bus

In Taiwan, scooterists from the right routinely pass stopped buses. This is a hazard for disembarking passengers, and they are often hit or brushed back by the bikes. There are warnings on buses to look out for these nuts. Here's a sign (above) on the Taipei MRT also alerting commuters to simply look out: "Getting off the bus? Please pay attention to the right-hand side for coming traffic!"


Taipei Police are cracking down on scooterists driving on sidewalks. Yes, it is illegal to drive your scooter on a sidewalk in this city as the sidewalks are meant for pedestrians, not traffic. If you're one of those inclined to parking on a sidewalk, the rule of thumb is to get off and push your scooter (motorcycle). This seems to be catching on, though yesterday someone on a scooter cruising down a stretch of sidewalk near the Fushing and Chungshiao MRT Station did still honk at me from behind to clear aside. 


Terry J. Benzie said...

You should include the words "cracking down" in quotations or it leads the reader to believe that it is a serious statement.

If I want a picture of a scooter driving down the sidewalk, I can think of three places to go and get it before my cup of coffee is finished - two of them have regular traffic cops in the same location.

However, I have noticed that bus drivers have been more likely to warn disembarking passengers.

Patrick Cowsill said...

Point taken on the cracking down. I have seen people pushing their scooters from time to time; let's hope the message is starting to get through.