One Man's Junk

After 3.9 years, hundreds of kilometers, most of Taiwan's major (and many smaller but also important) cities and several countries in Southeast Asia, my daughter Ahleena's stroller was laid to rest tonight. Notice the garbage heap. During the Lunar New Year holiday, such dumping on the streets of Taipei and other places in Taiwan is usually condoned. Traditionally, the Lunar New Year holiday has been seen as a time to clean house in Taiwan. And if you don't get rid of your big stuff, you'll probably be stuck with it for another year.

I have a recap of the circumstances leading up to our abandoning of Ahleena's trusty stroller below: http://patrick-cowsill.blogspot.com/2011/02/tis-season.html. If you'd have asked me just yesterday if I was going to dump it, I would have said "you're crazy."

Note: I folded the stroller up after the shot so it would be easier to toss on the garbage truck.


On a different note completely, I came across this post on An Expatriate in Taiwan. It covers the WWII POW camp that was at Douliu (斗六), Taiwan. I've been to Douliu before, but I didn't think to look into this. I wonder how one goes about confirming whether or not the facade in the picture was a part of the camp. I guess there must be some old pictures out there: http://www.expatintaiwan.net/2010/10/19/world-war-ii-history-goba-elementary-school/#more-565

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The Expatriate said...

It's most likely not a part of the original camp. It seems as though all the original buildings were destroyed and then everything was built anew. A small chance remains that I'm wrong, but most information I've been able to glean points to the likelihood that it is not part of the original camp.