Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan, originally uploaded by Patrick Cowsill.

Lots of urban farming going on right now in Taipei, Taiwan. I took this shot just east of Warner Village, in the Hsin-yi Distict (信義區). A friend told me today that it's the most expensive real estate in Taiwan. It's going for NT$6,000,000 a ping (meaning close to US$200,000 per tatami mat of space). 

I think I should follow up on urban farming, seeing that I've taken hundreds of shots of how it has occurred around Taipei over the years. One of the reasons that property in this district has shot up in price is related to the MRT line, going down its main vein, that is going in as I write. The MRT line'll be up within the next couple of years. This land was once zoned as "agricultural." It's value obviously went up once it was relabeled as residential. 


Anonymous said...

May I make a correction?
One Ping 坪, the Japanese area measurement unit is indeed two Tatami size, 6ft x 6ft=36 sq ft.
By the way, in the world of architecture, Japanese use 6 ft as human scale yet westerner use 8 ft instead. Plywood sold in the States is all 8 ft x 4 ft.

Patrick Cowsill said...

Ping always messes me up. I just can't think that way.