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I've been writing for three years for my blog and have a chance to receive some compensation now. I also wrote a post about this issue earlier, so this below is a sponsored review.

Anyway, this post is for a travel site. I don't have anything against traveling, not at all. I hope people will through traveling and having their eyes opened learn to see the world in a way that doesn't lead them to look at each other with suspicion or call others who might look dissimilar, who could have a different skin color, "foreigner," etc. Therefore, I don't have any issue with putting up this information for Travel Grove and Cheap AirfaresTheir Web site is a meta-search engine that helps users find cheap offers. If you are looking to travel check them out. You could save some money. They save the best prices found by users and then display it to you when you are searching for the same thing, so though, the page is not perfect, this service can be useful. You will find offers like cheap flights to Chicago, or how about something that is closer to us, in Asia, cheap flights to Hong Kong. If you want to read about these destinations, you can also do that. You can find many up to date travel guides in the top menu of their homepage so you can check Hong Kong sights.

The Travel Grove representative who contacted me seemed pretty cool. She said I could write whatever I wanted, but could I please include the links above. That's it. If you have further questions, you can reach her at lidia@travelgrove.net. Her name is, surprise-surprise, Lidia.

You might see some of these posts from time to time. I'm not against advertising when it suits the mandate of my blog. Once again, I don't have any issues with people seeing the world as cheaply as they can. And I have been providing content for Patrick Cowsill Wanhua Taiwan for three years. If I can put a few bucks in my pocket every now and then, what's the problem with that? Do you have an issue with me supplementing my efforts with the odd advertisement? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments component then. I would never put an ad up that I found problematic, and would kill this program if someone were to make a reasonable argument for killing it. 

On traveling, as the poet once said: "Come, my friends, / 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world. / Push off, and sitting well in order smite / The sounding  furrows; for my purpose holds / To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths / Of all the western stars, until I die."


Anonymous said...

To get financial supports from the sponsors is nothing compared to those Olympic champions who get multi-million dollars or Tiger built his near half billion dollars fortune all based on the endorsements.
Dish washing for pocket money as the summer job is not shame at all. In the other hand, being Taiwanese and vote for KMT is not only shameful but also disgraceful.
I love travelling and the information from TravelGrove is cheerfully accepted.

dennis said...

totally unrelated to the story, but i'd just like to say that ChoSan you my man is a genius! a true taiwanese would not support a dog such as Ma and his litter, who hands "its country" over to an enemy on a plate.

Patrick Cowsill said...

My wife strongly agrees with Chosan. I try to keep it more neutral... Cheers, Chosan!.

CreditWarrior said...

Thanks Mack,

I used to use a great travel agency out of Las Vegas that would get me unbelievable deals on airfare. I'll check these guys out as soon as the aftershocks subside over there in Taiwan.


anup said...