Christmas in Taiwan

My friend Carrie Kellenberger, who runs the insightful travel and culture blog My Several Worlds http://www.myseveralworlds.com/ gave me this bar of chocolate, wheel of spiced Camembert cheese and white wine, an excellent-looking bottle of an Italian style, Pinot Grigio, for Christmas. My wife and I plan to crack it open tonight. We're saving the chocolate for a bottle of Shiraz, to follow in the next couple of days. It's Christmas after all.

All the best to you, Carrie, and your husband John, during this Christmas season and in 2010. 


Carrie said...

Patrick, Shufang, and Ahleena,

John and I hope you enjoy your Christmas treat. Have a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2010!

coeurdalene said...

Nice, very nice;

My favorite Shiraz is the Lindeman's Bin 50... which is actually my favorite wine altogether.

Very nice choice for a Pinot Grigio you have there. My favorite Pinot Grigio's are Stella, Hogue, and Stone Wolfe. The northern Italy Valdadige is, to some, the Grigio's (Gris) Grigio. The grape originated in northern Italy and it took quite some time for the Californians to produce anything worth tasting in that varietal.

As you know, what your friend has provided you with is the typical European "picnic basket"... a meal in itself. To be accentuated only by the lovemaking that ensues afterwards. Buon Appetito, my thesbian friend.

Divertiti, y godere di buona salute.


Patrick Cowsill said...

"My favorite Shiraz is the Lindeman's Bin 50."

LOL, I remember many a time you've recommended the Bin 50, and thus I always keep an eye out for it. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

At some corner of the States, they are having white Xmas; we are having sweating Christmas here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It recorded 31 degree Centigrade yesterday (equivalent to 90 degree F).
Merry Christmas to all.

coeurdalene said...

Hey Mack,

With the Bin 50 Shiraz... I've discovered something that many wine connoisseurs may have already figured out (I'm sure). Pour the Shiraz into a carafe to let it breath for 20 minutes. Then, pour into a Burgandy wide bowl/wide rim wine glass and swirl gently as you drink. This my friend, will blow your mind as to the numerous aromas and flavors that will excite the senses. Woah!


Patrick Cowsill said...

I know what you're talking about. You can't stir up the wine flavors enough. Cheers.