Teenagers on the Playground, No Seriously

This is the scene I've been describing in recent posts: teenagers who actually play on the playgrounds. I took this film on my cell phone a couple weeks ago in Monga's (艋舺) Youth Park. It's all guys; the girlie voice is actually "Pig Boy", a pre-pubescent 14-year-old. There's a sign about five feet from the play apparatus clearly stating that nobody over six years old or 30 kilograms is allowed to play on the stuff. (These guys were playing tag.) The main reason it bugs me is that other parents are afraid to take their kids on the equipment.

The teenagers have told me that they don't have anywhere to go, which is nonsense. Youth Park has badminton, basketball and tennis courts, a beautiful in-line skating rink, a swimming pool, driving range and track. But it does seem I am getting through to the teenagers with my constant whingeing. I know a lot of them now by name, and they seem to stay clear of the playgrounds out of respect. They know it gets on my nerves. Or perhaps they're starting to figure out how goofy, not cool, they're being.


yc said...

hey...this time I got a question. I wanna describe myself as a crazy music lover. I wanna add a spanish suffix- ista. Could I just said musiciasta?

Patrick Cowsill said...

What are you smoking? Call it whatever you want to call it. Last time I checked, crack was considered bad for the health. LOL, moron. Get lost.

Anonymous said...

Crazy music lover = Amante de la música loco

Musicista = Musician

Musiciasta? Hmm...must have been the crack.

Patrick Cowsill said...

Yc, what are you going to talk about next with your hack Spanish? Instruments? Football?

With all due respect, yc, this is a blog for Taiwan. If you don't know anything to add to the discussion, what are you up to? Some of the people that come on this blog have something to add, understand aspects of Taiwan, and you are also thumbing your nose at them too.

I suspect you're probably just stoned or drunk. Maybe I'm wrong. But I'll say this: if you're as clever as you suspect you are, why not leave a link to your blog, and email, etc? Don't be so quick to give up on Chinese. It's not as hard as you think, especially for someone as clever as you obviously are.

All kidding aside, I could simply delete your comments. I think they're amusing, and are a nice lead into when you grow some stones and leave a link.

Anonymous said...

How dare you block me from your blog, Patrick Cowsill. Fuck you. I will have you knwo that I have one of the best blogs in Taiwan. Thousands of people read it everyday. They can appreciate the insight I am intent of planning.

How do you know that my Chinese also. There's a teacher at the university Shita who is saying my Chinese is really wonderful! I have been studying Taiwan for a long time. Come to my blog and you will see.


Patrick Cowsill said...

YC, I didn't block you from my blog. That's the narcotics speaking. As to your comments, I rest my case. I am still waiting for that link. Everyone is welcome at my blog and, frankly speaking, I think you go too far. I haven't censored or blocked a single person. I don't even have comment moderation here.

Go to bed. Get a good night's rest. Sleep off the damage the bong is doing to your mind. I'll see you soon. And, oh yes, keep up the good work. LOL.

Anonymous said...


Tu hablas Ingles y Espanol muy malo porque tu eres estupido y tu eres muy feo tambien.

Yo creo que tu no eres musica, porque tu eres un pedazo de caca.

Me cago en tu madre. Chupame YC.

Jinga tu,


Thoth Harris said...

Patrick, I think it is just an anonymous troll. Sounds like a teenager just screwing around with words. I sure am glad the internet didn't exist when I was 13. Goodness knows what wretched stuff I would have written aimlessly on people's blogs.
Maybe it was your conscientious attempt to clean up the act of the teenagers in your neighbourhood that got "Mr. YC" going, with his scatological neologisms in Spanish.
I am happy you are able to reach those kids, and actually make a little bit of difference. Most of us (including me) wouldn't have the patience.

Patrick Cowsill said...

Thanks Thoth. I have made progress here.