Taiwanese Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day in Taiwan. The occasion comes from a play on the Chinese for a date on the Western calendar, August 8th, or 8/8. In Chinese, the numbers in the date 8/8 are pronounced "ba-ba", which sounds like the word for dad. We had a long weekend in Taiwan, courtesy of Typhoon Morakot, which hit the island on Friday. There's a great pic at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Typhoon_Morakot_2003.jpg My daughter also made me the above happy face at her pre-school. It's me, wearing a tie.

My family spent the evening at my in-laws. My wife picked up a tiramisu from Cafe 85 Degrees. I also received chocolates and a Gouden Carolus, a tasty Belgian beer, 8.5 percent alcohol. The label read "Mechelen Sinds 1369". I'm guessing they've been producing it for a while (see pic below).


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to you! I'm glad to read on the blog about what a nice Father's Day you had and how you spent the evening at your in-laws. But I didn't see how you celebrated this day for your father in law. Did you buy or get him something special as what Ahleena did to you? Don't forget you've been looked like as a son to him and number of your wife home.

Patrick Cowsill said...

We gave my father-in-law a red envelope, but he returned it later. He did eat the tiramisu.

yc said...

hey there, it is Dennis.

Nice father's day you had!

Is the beer good?

Patrick Cowsill said...

The beer was great, but a bit pricey. Thanks. Best of luck in your translation aspirations.