My Cute Family to Receive Tawian Tax Vouchers

According to the explanation provided above, I'll be receiving a "tip" (the same word, I think, as they use in restaurants for good service) of NT$3600 this coming Sunday from Taiwan's government, which is in the process of "tidying up Taiwan's economy". I'm a bit surprised, as I didn't think I'd be getting a whiff of the money the government is doling out. But it seems all I have to do is show up with my ARC (Alien Resident Card) at an elementary school in Wanhua (萬華) and I can collect.

I'd heard that "foreign" spouses would be eligible, but when I mentioned this to local friends, it was explained that a "foreign" spouse meant a woman from Vietnam, Indonesia or China, not me. The tip has been called a tax credit or tax rebate by some, but as my American friend Craig has bitterly pointed out, many "foreigners" who pay taxes in Taiwan will not be included. He counts himself among the disenfranchised. He's been paying taxes in Taiwan for 21 years and won't get squat. My daughter, on the other hand, who has never paid taxes or for anything else in her life, will be making off like a bandit. My in-laws received a list of family members who'd be collecting come Sunday. The list included my wife's grandma, my father and mother-in-law, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my niece, my wife and my daughter. Even though I am listed on the official family registration from which these names were drawn, I received a separate notice.

From what I can understand of this letter, I am encouraged to spend, not bank, this money on myself, my cute family or someone else that I love. Details on how I can collect are given in Vietnamese, Indonesian, English, Thai and Burmese. It's been a killer year. The cash will be nice to receive regardless of the terms.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this supposed to be a voucher that can be "used as payment for goods and services at all registered retailers, wholesalers, and food and beverage establishments." I don't think it's designed to be saved.

I saw a post by someone from New Brunswick who is married to a Taiwanese and was also getting this.

Patrick Cowsill said...

I don't have any idea how it's supposed to be used. I'm also very curious if "foreigners" living in their own countries can receive them.

Anonymous said...

Patrick I did get mine; in ironic fashion, I even got one from George W.


George said...

It has been a long time not talking to you. First of all, I'd like to congratulate on you that you are lucky enough to receive consumer's voucher NT$ 3600, but I'm sorry to hear that Craig is not eligible even if he has been paying taxes in Taiwan for 21 years. Regarding the definition about foreign spouse, it means whoever his wife or her husband is, and wherever they live in Taiwan or not. I think you can buy what you want with those vouchers from supermarket or department store except exchanging into cash.

Don't forget the deadline for you to spend is at Sept, 30 this year.

Eddie G said...

My GF recieved one even though she hasn't lived in Taiwan for almost two years now. Her father will take care of it :)

Patrick Cowsill said...


Is your GF a "foreigner". I wonder if they can be considered.

Eddie G said...

Patrick: She's Taiwanese. But her permanent residence is Sweden. But since her dad can cash it I guess it's good for the Taiwanese economy, eh? Oh, the irony of it all.

Anonymous said...

"My daughter, on the other hand, who has never paid taxes or for anything else in her life, will be making off like a bandit."

Who do you think is going to pay off the debt for this shopping spree?

Patrick Cowsill said...

"Who do you think is going to pay off the debt for this shopping spree?"

Well, that's a good question. I suppose "foreigners" who didn't even receive a voucher but often pay higher taxes than locals will help.

And who's profiting most from the shopping spree?

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