It's Official: NCCU OK with Biracial Relationships

I received this letter from National Chengchi University:

國際愛情暨友誼週International Love & Friendship Week
1. 戀愛,不限時空 Love Beyond Boundaries 時間:5月15日(二)12:00~14:00 Time: May 15th (Tue.) 12:00~14:00 地點:行政大樓七樓第一會議廳 Venue: 1st Conference Room, 7F Administration Building Internationalization has created more and more “Interracial Relationships” on campus! Is it mysterious, exotic or truly unforgettable? Let’s take a look at "love that goes beyond boundaries” with couples sharing their stories and experts sharing their expertise on maintaining healthy relationship. 主辦單位:國交中心 Sponsored by: Center of International Education.
Interracial Relationships in scare quotes? "Interracial Relationships" or these so-called relationships - I wonder if that means "some people are now saying it is so, but we're still not convinced"?
In fact, almost everyone in Taiwan is the product of an "Interracial Relationship". It is estimated that at least 80% of the population has some Aboriginal blood (immigration of Han women to the island was banned until 1788 by the Ching Dynasty, so Han men married Aboriginal women). These days, one in five babies born in Taiwan has a mom or dad from a country other than Taiwan.
It's good to see the country is coming to terms with "Interracial Relationships", because it's not nice to go around hating yourself all the time, and it's a bit messed up to see yourself as mysterious or exotic.


Anonymous said...

I am actually kind of offended by the phrase 'inter-racial relationship'. As if race were an actual classification, as opposed to a subjective grouping by people who have tiny little worlds. Man, woman, babies...what is the problem???

If you find a sweet piece of woman and you like her...and she likes you, I don't see the need for further discussion.

Let's all get busy sowing oats.

Richard said...

Will these so-called experts take a look at how Chinese people can "maintain healthy relationships" amongst their own "race." In Asia, Taiwan's divorce rate is second only to South Korea.

Patrick Cowsill said...

I've heard that the divorce rate is over 30%. It's much higher for mainland Chinese / Taiwanese marriages but hovering around 20% for all transnational marriages.