My Friend Mandy Went to Kaohsiung

My colleague gave me these pics. She took the High Speed Rail (HSR) with her mom down to Kaohsiung for the tomb sweeping holiday. This is a pic of Kaohsiung Station which, according to Mandy, is a lot larger than Taipei's station. The HSR took only 90 minutes to get from Taipei to Kaohsiung, stopping only in Taichung (Central Taiwan). Tickets, even during the holiday, are available right up to the last minute.

"Life is like a bicycle. You have to keep going to keep your balance." - Albert Einstein

Mandy's Peter Rabbit also went to Kaohsiung. He has "real buttons" on his cardigan. There is a velcro function, that allows Peter to eat the carrot.


Anonymous said...

ask Mandy if her ticket on the HSR had any logo or indication that the ticket was in fact issued by the HSR in Taiwan. I heard that at the moment, the tickets do not mention HSR or Taiwan at al in print or in logo. THere is no logo or HSR mark.m Just a plain boring ORANGE ticket. Is that correct? Peter Rabbit looks cool. is that to be a book one day?

Prince Roy said...

this 'Mandy' brings stuffed toy animals around with her? Did she get child's fare?

Patrick Cowsill said...

There is no mention of HSR or Taiwan on the ticket.

Mandy says she is able to take Peter Rabbit on the HSR free of charge. There is no need to pay "child's fare" because she keeps him in a plastic bag when she boards.