Power Line Park

This is a cool little park by my apartment in Taipei. A power line dissects it, and there is even some farming off to the side.

I often wonder how people are able to farm in a park. Isn't the land public? Is this one of those cases where there's a deed and nobody knows who it belongs to? Are the cops too embarrassed to talk to the kindly old folks that are maintaining it?

There's the bench I often sit on to read. Today, a dog was barking at me furiously. Then three old women came along, speaking with mainland accents (Wenshan 文山 is a mainlander community in Eastern Taipei) and one of them remarked: "It figures. Doggie-dog doesn't like ghosts." We had a bit of a chat, and explained to them that I was actually a man and not a ghost; I told them they could pinch my arm if they were still unsure.

This is the public restroom provided by Power Line Park. 公廁 means "public toilet".

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