Canadian MP on Organ Harvesting in China and on Taiwan Independence

I came across two interesting (one chilling) reports by David Kilgour, Canadian Liberal Party MP from south Edmonton. One is on an interview he gave while visiting Spain about the organ harvesting of Fulan Gong Practitioners that seems to be going on in China. The other is about meeting President Chen in the Ukraine and more generally Canada's hypocritical Taiwan policy.
In the former, Mr. Kilgour alleges that:
"Fulan practitioners are victims of live organ havesting throughout China. The allegation is that organ harvesting is inflicted on unwilling Fulan Gong practitioners at a wide variety of locations, puruant to a systematic policy, in large numbers."
"Unwilling?" Talk about an understatement. Mr. Kilgour continues:
"The allegation is further that the organs are harvested from the [Fulan Gong] practioners while they are still alive. The practitioners are killed in the course of the organ harvesting operations or immediately thereafter. These operations are a form of murder.

Finally, we are told that the practitioners killed in this way are cremated. There is no corpse left to examine to identify as the source of the transplant (Kilgour, 2006, p.6)."

The full text of the report can be found at Kilgour's website:

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Mr. Kilgour also writes about meeting Taiwan's President Chen a couple of years ago in the Ukraine, where he offered Chen an orange scarf bought in Kiev's Independence Square. Kilgour says this of Taiwan: "[Taiwan is one of the] world's best democratic and economic success stories. Taiwan is really what China should be. "

He outlines some ideas for revamped Canada-Taiwan ties:

1. Canada should vote in favour of Observer Status for Taiwan at the WHO.
2. Canada should permit high-level visits from Taiwan.
3. Canada should support increased security in East Asia which includes this statement: "Why not urge the People's Republic of China and Taiwan both to agree to disarmament, with China withdrawing all 707 missiles in the coastal provinces across the Taiwan Strait?"
4. Canada should sign a free-trade agreement with Taiwan.
5. Canada should apply visitor visa exemption for Taiwanese Citizens.

Mr. Kilgour's language is interesting. At no place does he refer to China as the mainland or Taiwan as the ROC. Taiwan is simply Taiwan and its people are Taiwanese.
I strongly disagree with #5, however, as I see Taiwan's visa and immigration policies as at best non-inclusive. Frankly speaking, they are just racist. Someone should fill him on and outline how archaic, ugly and non-reciprocal these policies are regarding Canadians and other Westerners in Taiwan. (As Mr. Kilgour has been to Taiwan many times, and even served here, it's pretty lame.)

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Richard said...

Kilgour used to be the Canadian Secretary of State for the Asia-Pacific region. Even though he is a Canadian MP, he has been barred from entering China. There is a Web site that keeps tabs on the persecution of Fulan Gong and Christians and Muslims at topicttp://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2006/10/16/79020.html