If You Build It, They Will Come?

My friend Jeff commented on the weirdness of the shot after taking it - I thought this was Taiwan? Where are the people?

High speed sink?

High speed toilet.

High speed desolation. My father-in-law, a soft-spoken Taiwanese man who has worked all over the world as a transportation/civil engineer once worked for Taiwan's high-speed railway. He quit a couple years back. When I asked him what was going down, he told me it was "messed up in eight directions."

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Richard said...

One that that strikes me about the "High Speed Desolation" besides there not being a single passenger on the platform is the location. It's out in the middle of freakin' nowhere! SO, is there a how, a why, and a what behind the process of choosing a site. Who owns all that nice open space in the pic?
Congratulations to Jeff! You've made some great shots.