Wang Chien Ming Gets Post-Season Win

Even though the New York Yankees Wang Chien-ming won, nobody in the States will say that he is a 20-game winner this year. His record stands at 19-6. It's done, cemented in the record books unless they find out that he was on steroids and then they'll put an asterix next to it.
Wang's sinker wasn't so good against the Tigers tonight. (I had heard that it picked up movement and seemed heavier, harder to hit, as the summer wore on.) He gave up five doubles, a homer and four runs but escaped with a win. Jeter went 5 for 5. I think he might've set the hit record in the post-season as well. The report I read wasn't so clear.
I noticed Patrick Ewing and ex-mayor Rudolph Giuliani in the stands at Yankee Stadium, after I had settled down from a particularly sappy version of "God Bless America" which was dedicated to American servicemen and women everywhere.


Kris said...

You didn't mention A-Rod and his nine consecutive games without an RBI. He's batting sixth and that will be the lowest position for him in a decade. I think he said a certain something about a fellow named Jeter. That right?

Patrick said...

Who? A-Fart?