To a God Unknown plays the Wall on Thursday

To a God Unknown is a well-known local band. They're playing Thursday night at the Wall. The address is No. 200, Roosevelt Road, Section 4. It's in the Basement (near the Gong Guan MRT Station and Keelung Rd.). 台北市羅斯福路四段200號B1(基隆路口,百老匯影城地下室). The phone is (02) 8935-1454. Tickets cost NT$200, including a drink. The show starts at 10:00. See this website for more information: http://www.the-wall.com.tw/schedule10.htm#1012
Note: The band has added a fourth to their 老外三人 (who writes this shit?) and sound more like the Cure than Black Sabbath.

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