Depose President Chen Graffiti

There have been complaints that the "Depose" protesters have been fouling up the environment. Some think it's ironic that people who want to do away with Chen "because he is hurting the country" would then turn 'round and vandalize the city with trash and grafitti. I was at Taipei Main Station (recent protest HQ) this evening, killing time before my wife got off work. In all fairness, it looked pretty clean and orderly to me. There was indeed grafitti, but it was written on plastic sheets (see above pictures) taped to outer walls.
There are some new developments. The "Depose" movement as everyone knows grew out of an organic bi-partisan coming together of citizens weary of a thoroughly corrupt government. These people longed for the past, when the ROC's leaders were all honest and humble, not corrupt. "Depose" then shifted to national identity ("we're all Chinese and none of us are Taiwanese"). A couple of protesters informed me today however the emphasis is on toppling "a low class president." By the way, I didn't see Shih Ming-teh. I wonder if he's still down south?

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