Wang Must Win Another Game to Set the Record

Local media reports that New York Yankess (and native son) Chien Ming Wang's (王建民) 18th win over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays today "is a new record for Asian pitchers" in Major League baseball are erroneous. In 2000, South Korea's Chan Ho Park went 18-10 with an ERA of 3.27 and 218 strikeouts. Wang is currently 18-6 with an ERA of 3.57 (this would undoubtedly be lower if Wang were playing in the National League) and 72 strikeouts. This misreporting of the facts comes as a shock to most observers, as Taiwan's media is renowned for its excellence, diligence and objectivity.


Anonymous said...

And check your stats Cowsill because Park won 18 in 2002. Look at the Ks. 218! This is why Wang will lose the Cy Young.

Anonymous said...

No, he will lose it because there's someone named Santana pitching for the Twins. Santana has won more games, has more strikeouts and an ERA in the twos. The Twins wouldn't have been anywhere close to the wild card without him. The Yankees on the other hand would still be in first place. How's that for logic?

Anonymous said...

Wang has got 19 wins now. Sports Illustrated has called him the Yankees "crafty pitcher" who can be called on in playoffs. It's a lot of pressure but he alwasy looks calm in the situations. I hope the Yankees can get to the World Series because a lot of people in Taiwan will feel excited and interested in American baseball now.