Taiwan's First Governor

Koxinga (鄭成功) was not the first non-aboriginal governor of Taiwan but instead (from what I can figure) the 13th. The first was actually Maarten Snock. The list starting from 1624 when the Dutch moved their base from the Pescadores (澎湖) to Tayouan (Tainan or 台南) at the behest of the Ming government is as follows:

1. Maarten G. SNOCK 1624-5
2. Gerard Frederiksz RONG DE WITH 1625-7
3. Pieter NUYTS 1627-9
4. Hans PUTSMAN 1629-36
5. Johan VAN DER BURGH 1636-40
6. Paulus TRAUDENIUSRONG 1640-3
7. Maximiliaan LEMAIRE 1643-4
8. Francis CARON 1644-6
9. Nicolaas G. VERBURGG 1649-53
10. Cornelius CAESAR 1653-6
11. Frederick COYETT 1656-62
12. KOXINGA (鄭成功) A few months in 1662
13. CHENG Jing (鄭經) 1662-82
14. CHENG ke-Shuang (鄭克塽) 1682-83
15. SHI Lang (施琅) 1683 - ?

Shi Lang was the admiral serving under the Qing Emperor Kangxi (康熙) who finally defeated the Chengs. Kangxi is reported to have labelled Taiwan a "blob of mud in bobbing in the ocean" beyond China's domain. In 1683, China even offered to sell Taiwan back to the Dutch. Shi Lang met with Alexander van Gravenbrock to hammer out the terms. When the Dutch government in Batavia decided to pass, Kangxi wanted to then evacuate the 80,000 Chinese residents from the island, leaving it to its original masters, the aborigines. Shi Lang was able to talk Kangxi out of taking this step, arguing that Taiwan would become an outlaw base for pirates.

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Ben said...

Your math seems a bit off on Koxinga's ranking (12th and not 13). Is there a single person on this island capable of naming 1-11?