The Culture of Overseas Chinese or Overseas Taiwanese

National Chengchi University in Taipei has established a department to help overseas Chinese students. I guess this means Americans, Canadians, Aussies, Brits, etc. who have parents, grandparents, etc. who were born in Taiwan or China. This is the mandate according to their website: "An independent subdivision is established to address the special needs of from overseas Chinese students pursuing higher education in their own culture. Its work covers issues arising from learning, living in Taiwan, and extracurricular activities."

I wonder what is meant by "their own culture?" Wouldn't that mean the country they were born and raised?

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Melinda Feng said...

I would like to say as someone whose forebears immigrated to Canada from southern China more than half a century ago, that if I am interested in learning about "my own culture" I will go back to my own culture, which happens to be Canada. The is good notice not to enroll at Chengchi. Jeez but this pisses me off.